Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Project of the Week: Save The Dates

My wedding is only 6 months away, and I think I am on schedule with everything I need to get done! In March, Janey Pie Photography took our engagement pictures, and last week, I sent out a save the date postcard that I designed featuring one of those pictures! We have a lot of family from out of town (especially on Will's side) so we wanted to make sure everyone had an heads up so they can plan to travel! And well... it was also just a fun little project for me to do! :)

Front of postcard

Back of postcard

The process for this save the date took awhile because, as a graphic designer, I wanted to set up a brand for all my wedding graphics. So in order to design my save the date, I had to design my wedding invitation. It was difficult (as I knew it would be) to decide what would be the perfect design for my wedding day. I wanted something that said "fall" but wasn't overly fall... No orange leaves or pumpkins.  After I finally was satisfied with my invitation design (which you will have to wait and see!) everything else, like the save the date, fell into place!

I also have been working on my wedding website, (A hint of what the invitation will look like). I wanted someplace for my guests to go to learn a little more about the wedding, especially places to stay.

The wedding invitation, save the date and the website were the biggest projects for my wedding lately, so now that they are complete,  I need to start focusing on what's next!  :)

♥ Emily


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