My goal is to:

Create - I want to use my artistic abilities in different ways! This could be any type of project including but not limited to: Painting, drawing, cooking, baking, photography, graphic design, etc.

Share - After I am finished with a project, I want to share it with you on this web site! And share it with the person I made it for (if that is the case)!

Repeat - I would like to repeat this process as much as possible!

I am always working on a little project, or have one floating around in my head. While some of these projects are for myself, a great sum of them are for the people in my life... whether it is a cake, painting, invitation, etc. I find that nothing brings me more pleasure than making someone happy with the creations I come up with for them!

I believe that this web site will keep me accountable and push me to continuously come up with new ways to use my talents, test new mediums and to share my love of others through my creations.