Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mom's Fishy Birthday Party

So this past weekend, we threw my mom a small surprise birthday party. She is really into fishing so I took that theme and ran with it! Here are some of the projects I did.

Birthday Banner

I set up the outlines of the fish and letters on my computer in Illustrator. I bought kraft cardstock paper from Hobby Lobby, printed the fishies onto the cardstock, and cut all of them out. Then I put two whole punches at the top of the fish, threaded some jute string through, and hung up my banner! I added some bobbers and netting to finish the look. 

Birthday Cake Table 

I recycled table clothes and burlap runners from my wedding, and used them in the dining room for the cake table and outside on the food tables.

I dressed up my chandelier with some net, bobbers, kraft paper fishies and a big bobber.

To make the big bobbers, I bought some paper lanterns, covered part of it with painting tape, then spray painted the tops white.

Kitti helping decorate...

Mini Fishing Poles

I decided it would be fun to have some mini fishing poles to surprise my mom with. I tied little bells at the top of the "pole" with red and white baker's twine for everyone to ring when my mom came through the door. I cut out little fishies (2 per pole) and used double-sided sticky tape to attached it to the twine and the fishies back to back. I finished it off with a tiny bobber.

I think Kitti enjoyed the fishing poles the most....

Fish Cake

I made my mom's favorite chocolate cake for her birthday. But I decided to make in into the shape of a fish this time!

I wanted a basic fish shape, and it was really rather simple to do. I just baked the cake in a 9x13 pan, used a template I made to cut out a fish/oval shape, then used the extra piece to make the fins and tail. Then I covered with yummy frosting and ganache!

Outside Food Tables and Decor

While digging around for my mason jars, I found a few fun fishing items of my husbands: fishing poles, tackle box, a minnow bucket, etc. They helped complete the look!

Mason Jar Fishie Straws

I found some cute paper straws at the store, and decided I needed to put fishies on them! I printed out a bunch of fish, cut slits into them and slid them on to the straws.

Some of these items are on sale in my Etsy Store! Check them out here: 

We definitely surprised my mom and had a good time. I love themed parties and coming up with all the decorations and little details that make it special. I wish I could do it for a living, but I wouldn't know where to start!

Blowing out the candles!

Mother and I with some stinky little kids... her grandchildren/my nephew and nieces: Lucas, Maddie and Natalie

❤ Emily


super creative esp with making fish cake

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