Thursday, February 10, 2011

Project of the Week: Cake Pops

So last week was my friend Kala's birthday. I thought I would make her something... but I wanted to do something besides a cake. I have seen Cake Pops all over the web lately. Although they seemed like a complete waste of time to me, I decided to give them a try. Kala LOVES tennis so I decided I should make tennis ball cake pops. As you can see, they don't look like tennis balls at all! When I dipped the balls in candy melts, the candy didn't dry smooth at all. So instead I decided to drizzle them with pink tinted royal icing and called it a day. So no, I will never attempt to make cake pops again. REAL cake is way better! :)

I needed something to place the pops in. I decided that I would decorate a clay pot for her with a tennis ball and her name. This way she could keep the pot after she was done with the pops!

I used acrylic paint

White layer first. I did about 5 coats.

Purple layer

Pink Layer

Start of tennis ball

Added dots

Added her name

Finished tennis ball

Added styrofoam to help hold up the pops

Decorative "grass"

I made peanut butter cake pops for Kala because she loves peanut butter! I got the recipe from Wilton's website. I certainly didn't like making them, but they did taste pretty good in the end. We have the leftovers in the freezer which make a tasty little snack. :)

Cut up the Reese's cups

The cake

Mix crumbled cake, Reese's and peanut butter in a bowl

Mix with hands

Measure out ball to get a constant size

Sticks and candy melts for Pops.
I happen to find candy melts in the exact color I wanted!

Making these were frustrating. Not only did the candy melt not cover the balls smoothly, but many of the balls crumbled after putting the stick in them. Made a mess!


Pink Royal icing

So it can out pretty cute, but I don't think I will be attempting them again!

I know, I know. I created something edible again! I will attempt to create something non perishable one of these days. I can't help it... cakes are fun! :)

♥ Emily


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