Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project of the Week: Hamburger Birthday Cake

Mmm.... Nothing like a big juicy burger. But wait a sec! This ISN'T a burger!! It's CAKE! That's right! For my brother's birthday, I decided to make him a cake. A burger was the first thing that popped in my mind for him, and I knew it would be perfect! 

I started with the "buns" of the cake. To make the dome of the top bun, I used a glass bowl to bake that half of the cake in. For the bottom, I used an 8" pan. I used a white cake recipe that I never used before. It was just okay to me, but everyone else seemed to like it a lot.

For the "meat" of the cake, I used a brownie recipe that I LOVE from The recipe is called Whatever Floats Your Boat Brownies. You make the brownies from scratch, and at the end you add whatever floats your boat! In this case, I used some chocolate chips. I doubled the recipe and baked it in an 8" pan.

Then I started working on some of the toppings for my burger. I decided to make tomatoes, lettuce and onions out of fondant.

The start of my onion

Rolled out green marbled fondant for my lettuce.

I made a little flag out of fondant to stick in the top of the cake to write happy birthday on.

The next day after the fondant dried, I started assembling the "burger".

I started by placing the bottom layer down on a foil base.
I covered the bottom with buttercream

I rolled out some bun colored fondant
I covered the sides with the light brown fondant.
Then I mixed up some "mustard" and "ketchup".... aka colored buttercream

Applied the condiments
Added the "meat"
I decided I wanted a cheese burger! I rolled out some yellow fondant

Added the veggies!
Time to prepare the top bun
Covered with fondant

Ta da! A burger! .... But not!
I finished it off with the flag and some piped sesame seeds
My brother loved his cake!
My creation destroyed... doesn't bother me at all! :)

I would like to make an honorable mention to my boyfriend and the awesome gift he bought me. 

This is a collapsible cake/cupcake holder! It hold tall round cakes and 24 cupcakes! It was perfect for my hamburger cake!

Collapsed. Perfect for storing!
The cupcake holders of the carrier

Check it out at Amazon! I want the rectangle carrier too!

So there you go... another cake! I can't help it. It makes me happy to make others happy with my edible creations! :)

♥ Emily


One of my best friends in pastry school has the same cake carrier. It's amazing! Definite props to your bf! And amazing job with that cake! Your attention to detail is commendable :)

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