Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Somebody's Getting Married!!!

Yes, it's been a while since I have posted anything, but I have a good excuse.... I am working on, as I see it, the biggest art project of my life!!! On Thursday, December 22nd, on our 3rd year anniversary, my boyfriend asked me to marry him! We are extremely excited and have been busy planning ever since! We have a lot of the big stuff done already! The location (Magnolia Mound Plantation), the caterer (LA Bayou Bistro), the cake (Ambrosia Bakery), the photographer (my friend Jane, Janey Pie Photography), the Florist (my wonderful Aunt Tammy), my DJ (an iPod and my brother) and my dress (Alfred Angelo)!

The wedding is October 27, 2012, and though I have some big stuff out the way, I have so much left to do! But most of it is stuff I want to create! So this year my blog will be filled with many of my wedding projects! I may not have many to post at first, but as the date draws closer, I should have many projects to share!

Here are some of the things I will be working on:
  1. Save the dates - Most of Will's family is live in other states so we think it would be a good idea to send out save the dates. I was thinking of maybe just an email, but I got a good deal at so I think I may be designing some magnets! Still debating that though!
  2. Invitations - Oh, invitations... Now... I love making invitations. But designing MY invitation for MY wedding... THIS will be one of my biggest challenges yet! I know I am going to be SO picky and want to make it perfect. So I have a feeling this is going to be tough one! I started playing with it, and it's already making me mad! hehe :)
  3. Wedding website - I decided that I will make my own wedding website. I know you can make quick ones for free on, etc., but I really want to customize it to the look I want!
  4. Centerpieces and decor - have a lot of cool ideas for decorations. I will share some of those ideas in a bit!
  5. Favors - I have a few ideas of things I could do for favors!
  6. Cake topper - This is a maybe... I saw some ideas I like, and I think it would be really neat to make myself!
The Color Palette

Why, oh, why did I have to envision a color palette that is going to be so hard to work with?! This is how it happened. I always wanted my wedding color to be a dark blue. I had always envisioned getting married in the spring time, so I saw the dark blue bridesmaids dresses with bright, springtime flowers. But after we got engaged, we decided on a fall date. So what to do? I didn't want a typical fall color scheme. So after browsing the internet I came across this color palette using a dark teal blue. I fell in love....

It's fall.. but not "too" fall! LOVE! What I am NOT going to love is trying to match the teal. Everyone's definition of teal is different... it can be lighter... it can be darker... it can be greener... it can be bluer... the color I want is just like the dresses below. This is the color I want my bridesmaids to wear. It's called "Tealness" from Alfred Angelo.

So a darker, bluer teal... I also want to use browns, tans, flower colors of orange, red, yellow and salmony pink. I would like to have the tablecloths at the reception to be this teal color too. I got some fabric samples in from suppliers, but they aren't the "right" teal. So I am going to have to get creative and make it work somehow because I love this color!

Decor Ideas

Our ceremony and reception will be held at Magnolia Mound, a pretty plantation near LSU's campus. The ceremony will be on the steps on the back of the plantation home, and the reception will be held under a big, nice pavilion.

Magnolia Mound's Pavillion
So, as you already know, for tablecloths I would like the dark blue teal... but I am not sure if that will happen yet. For the centerpieces, I am thinking I want mason jars! All different sizes! Some with flowers and some with candles!

I want the mason jars to sit on round tree slices in the middle of the tables!

I also want my wedding cake to sit on a tree slice!

I think this is an awesome "guest book" idea!

I am thinking of getting a wood burning tool kit to burn the heart and initials on the guest book tree slice and the centerpiece tree slices! My mother's work should be able to make these slices for me!

I also love the look of burlap!

Since Will is known for his cookies, we are thinking about this for the favors!

Well, this is all I have to share so far! All of these ideas could change before the end of it! All I know is that this will be a chance to do a lot of fun projects so I am excited! It feels kinda weird though because these projects are focused on me when I am usually doing it for other people!

If anyone has any ideas or tips they would like to share, please let me know!! :)

So keep an eye out this year for all my wedding projects... and others as well! I still have a Christmas project I have been meaning to post. Maybe I will get around to that next week!

♥ Emily


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