Monday, October 25, 2010

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT GIVEAWAY! Less than one week left!

Email me at, 
or leave your name in the comments below to sign up!

So Friday I went to Pottery Works, the location where I was planning to paint the ornament I am giving away, to see if the ornaments came in yet. As I drove up I saw a big CLOSING written on the door... and not only did it say it was closing, it said it was closing in TWO DAYS from then. So naturally, I freaked out a bit! I was giving away an ornament in just over a week! What to do? What to do? So I got on google, looked up some more pottery places, and found one on O'Neal Lane. I went straight there to see what they had. I walked in to find a pile of large, round, blank ornaments.... I was SO relieved!

I am so sad that Pottery Works is closing! I have gone there for several years! Thankfully, there is Artistico Express! Check them out here:  They are located in the shopping center close to the Rave Theater. Painting pottery is SO much fun! I recommend it to everyone! Even if you aren't artistic! My boyfriend (who is an engineer and not really artistic) loved painting pottery and wants to go back!

Please sign up for my drawing! Tell others about it too! You don't have to know what you want on it! We can figure that out later, or I can come up with something for you!

Have a happy Monday everyone! I will be posting my project of the week soon so keep a look out!



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