Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Project of the Week: Pumpkin Carving!

This past weekend Will and I decided to have some friends over for the LSU football game and hang out. Since I wanted it to be Halloween themed, we carved pumpkins while we watched the game!

Last year was my first time ever carving a pumpkin. I wanted fun pattern to put on my pumpkin. I found the website There are some really cool patterns on there! This is my pumpkin I did last year.

Will's did the one with the mean face and
I did the Michael Jackson Thriller one

Will and I with our pumpkins last year

Here are the pictures from our pumpkin carving this year!

Will and our friends Lam and Kimberly getting ready to carve their pumpkins.
Chuck supervised.
Will cutting the top of his pumpkin with a POWERTOOL
while Chuck held it. It actually worked really well!
Lam cut the top of his pumpkin the old fashioned way! ;)

Lam and Kimberly taking out all the gross stuff!
I cleaned out my pumpkin on the ground!
Will looking a bit too excited about his pumpkin! ;)

My pumpkin with the pattern taped on it. Gizmo came to supervise!!
Don't worry... I didn't get him wet or feed him after midnight!
Will, Lam and Kimberly hard at work!... It really WAS hard!
After lots of carving AND afters parts of the
pumpkin falling off when they shouldn't have
AND after super gluing those parts back on...
I was done with my Gizmo!
Will and I with our pumpkins! He did the Ghostbusters logo!
Gizmo all lite up!
Kimberly's pumpkin... Who can guess that this
supposed to be? :)

 We had a lot of fun with these! I hope to make it a yearly tradition at our house! :)

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I have some good news I hope to be posting later or tomorrow! I am very excited about it.. so stay tuned!!!

Have a happy Wednesday! God Bless!



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