Monday, March 28, 2011

Manly Creations: Will's Projects

That's right. There's an OREO in that cookie! In our house,  I bake cakes, and Will (my boyfriend) bakes the cookies. Though I am to blame for this. I saw this crazy combination on Yahoo recently, and once brought to Will's attention, he couldn't rest until he tried it himself. He made some for a bake sale at work. They were unbelievably good, but I believe that it was due to the fact WILL made them. He is a chocolate chip cookie fanatic, and when he bakes them, I swear he must put a little extra love in there because I haven't found anyone that can make a cookie as well as he can!

All he did was use one of his chocolate chip cookie recipes, made the dough, and stuffed a cookie in there!

Working hard!

My Will has other passions besides his cookies. His latest venture has been beer making! He has tried it on a smaller scale before, but he decided to take a beer making leisure class to get back into it. He just started a Honey Ale. My brother use to be into beer making as well, so Will was able to borrow his equipment. My brother also accompanied him while he made it.

They will be bottling this one soon, and starting on some mead and a darker beer I believe.

I love how Will has his own projects to work on.  It's exciting to live with someone who likes to be creative in his own special way! :)

I hope to post more of his projects on my blog in the future for my male audience!



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