Thursday, March 31, 2011

Project of the Week: Natalie's Christening Cake

Last weekend was my niece Natalie's Christening. I was very happy to be able to make a cake for the occasion. I used Katherine's (my sister-in-law) theme of yellow, blue and daffodils as my inspiration. As you may already know, that has also been the inspiration for my last two blog post: Natalie's Daffodil Pictures and Natalie's Christening invite.

I decided to try something new for this cake. I had never made daffodils before. I have also never made a two tiered cake. This cake was challenging, but mostly time consuming! Especially the flowers! I made 9 of them but ended up using only 3! The flowers and cross are made out of gumpaste, and I mention this because it is VERY important that you use gumpaste to make any 3-D object for a cake. Up north, you could get away with using fondant, or a combo of gumpaste and fondant. Not here. It's too humid in Louisiana. The flowers and cross would have collapsed! So make sure to use gumpaste, my southern friends!

What I loved most about this cake was the taste!! I found some recipes online and made a lemon blueberry cake with a lemon buttercream icing and a lemon curd filling... Just wow. It was the perfect combination of lemonyness! Definitely the best cake I have ever made from scratch! It was so good that I plan on making it again for a gathering this weekend!
I am trying something new to display the pictures of the process of my work. A slideshow! Here are the pictures from the making of this cake!

The Christening and gathering afterward went very well on that beautiful spring day in Cheneyville, LA.  Katherine's family has a tradition of being baptized in this little church with Bayou Bouef water. Natalie is the 7th generation to follow in this tradition! I pray that this is the beginning of the Lord blessing her life is many ways!

Here are a few pictures from that day!

Katherine and Natalie

Baptized with bayou water!

Table layout

Mmm... I can't wait to make that cake again! :)

♥ Emily


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