Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Project of the Week: Crawfish Painting

Oil on Canvas

Finally... After a year and a half, I am DONE with my crawfish painting. Okay, so it didn't take me a year and a half to paint. There were just several holdups and much procrastination going on. :)

It started out last June 2010 as a project I wanted to do for my Louisiana themed kitchen. I bought the canvas and started the background of my painting. Later that night my back starting hurting so bad that I could barely move. That stopped the progress of my painting for about an year. Why so long? I don't know. I always have SO much going on that's hard to find motivation sometimes. Here's a picture of how far I got.

This past June I was motivated to start on my painting again after I went to a garage sale and found the PERFECT frame for the painting at a garage sale for only $4! Though there was a problem. The frame was a little bigger than the painting I had started a year before. So since I had not gotten to far into the painting, I decided to just start over with a fresh canvas. I also decided to try a new composition for the painting. That also may be why I never finished the previous painting. Maybe I wasn't happy with the way everything was laid out? So for this new painting, I decided the best way to come up with a new composition was to buy some crawfish, arrange them how I wanted them, take a picture and paint from it. I got the crawfish from Albertson's (which were the nastiest smelling and grossest looking crawfish I have ever seen. Definitely didn't eat them!). Here is the picture I decided to use for my painting:

I started this new painting in July of this year and it was almost done until I paused to work on some other projects. It wasn't until the end of September that I actually finished the painting. After letting it dry a bit, I was finally able to hang it in my kitchen.

Finally done! Now I am working on another painting project that I hope to post soon!

This was my 50th blog post! Yay! :)

♥ Emily


Love your blog! Stumbled upon it looking for a cake with swirled LSU colored batter. Planning to try one for the big game this weekend. :)

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