Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help Aiden!

Aiden Castleman

Aiden is the my friend Tiffany's little boy. I have been knowing little Aiden since he was just a little baby, and I have seen how much he has blessed his family. Aiden needs our help now.

Here is his story:

Aiden was born April 27, 2007.

The minute Aiden was born, we knew something hadn’t gone as planned! After birth, Aiden was immediately rushed from the room and placed on a ventilator. He stayed in the NICU for two weeks and we only got to visit him a few times a day. But, that’s all it took to win our hearts!

After that, things seemed to be progressing normally, until Aiden was 3 ½ months old. He began having small seizures in clusters of 15-20 multiple times an hour.

We eventually learned that he had a rare condition called infantile spasms. He was also later diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to a lack of oxygen during the birth and medical error. We knew we had a long journey ahead of us!

Aiden is now 3 years old and we take life one day at time!

Although he’s full of life and brightens our day with the slightest laugh or smile, everyday tasks can be a struggle.

Due to the conditions Aiden has, and the effects of medications, he is severely delayed. Aiden does not walk, talk, or feed himself. Each day is like taking care of a young infant the size of a 3 year old!
Also, these effects have caused his body structure to start to form abnormally.

In the last year, Aiden has been taken off ALL seizure medications!! Although he still has a few seizures, they are minimal compared to the amount we previously saw. This has allowed Aiden to advance his motor skills and respond to stimuli like never before.

Now that he is advancing, we have to correct the effects of lost time and begin to help Aiden grow and continue to gain new skills and abilities!

Due to the Aiden’s condition, his hips have begun to turn out abnormally. In order to correct this, there are 2 options. First, if not corrected quickly, Aiden will have to have his hip joints broken and repositioned by spica full body casting.

The second option is to purchase a special bike that exercises his hips and legs in the correct position and makes them stronger as well as forming the correct posture and body positioning.
This bike costs almost $4000 to purchase but will correct the problem and prevent surgery!
Due to the high cost and urgency of the situation, we are asking for the assistance of our family and friends!

We are doing a fundraiser selling candles, food mixes, and gift wrap in order to raise money to purchase the special bike for Aiden. Our goal to be able to get him the equipment by January 1st, 2011 in order to prevent Aiden from having surgery!

Click here to download the pdf of the fundraiser items they are selling. If you would like to purchase anything, send me an email at!

Also, if you would like to donate directly to Aiden, visit

Thanks in advance for helping this little boy!



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