Monday, November 22, 2010

Project of the Week: Baby Shower Cake and Diaper Cake

Wow... So... Last week I was MEGA busy preparing for my sister-in-law Katherine's baby shower. I am excited to say that it went very well, and everyone seemed to have a nice time! The theme was baby animals and neutral colors since we won't know the sex of the baby until it is born. I seemed to favor the giraffe though... :)

Well, needless to say, I kind of went over the top with my projects for the shower. They were for Katherine so I had to! :) I am very proud of both of them, especially the cake I decorated. I will start with it first! Warning: This is going to a lot of pictures!

I first started with the bottle. I rolled some rice cripies into a bottle shape

I covered the rice cripies with fondant

Then I colored some fondant to make the top of the bottle

I formed the nipple with a combination of
fondant and gumpaste

I used a strip of blue to make the connection

Then I used some colored fondant to start the giraffe

The body and neck

Attaching the arm with a tootpick

Measuring out the giraffes diaper

I set the giraffe on the bottle and attached the rest of the arms and legs

I formed the head and ear and attached it to the rest of the body.
Then I started adding the giraffes spots.

I added hair down the back

And a cute little tail!
Added a flag. Congrats Katherine!!!! :)

I made daffodils out of royal icing

I baked my cake and filled it with strawberry filling

A baby green, neutral icing

Messy :)

Smoothed the icing out and added dowels to support
my heavy giraffe and bottle!

Held up perfectly!

Added a border

Added yellow dots, the flowers and leaves

Katherine cutting the cake

I am very proud of my cake. I can't wait to learn even more about cake decorating!

Now time for my diaper cake. I have seen these before, and knew I had to make one for the shower! Unlike the edible cake, this one was pretty easy to make!

I first started with 100 of these little guys. I used all but 4 I believe.

I rolled them all up and put rubber bands on them

Using a bottle as a base, I started stacking the diapers around
the bottle, using a large rubber band to hold them in place

After I stacked my diapers, I tied yellow ribbon
around each layer.

I added some animal print ribbon to match the theme.
I added some shredded paper to add texture to the layers

My friend Andrea made the giraffe on top of the
diaper cake. I place random little goodies around
the cake to finish it off

Back view
Me with my creations!

Next up... Thanksgiving! And Christmas! Let's see what I am inspired to do this holiday season!



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